Baby Furniture

Time spent with your newborn is precious and should be treasured. To ensure that time in your baby’s nursery is as blissful as possible, you’ll want to decorate in a manner that is both peaceful and functional. Aside from color and décor, the most important aspect of a baby’s nursery is the furniture.

When first bringing their infants home from the hospital, many parents choose to sleep their babies in bassinets. A bassinet is a small, rocking sleeper similar to a cradle. Small in size and low to the ground, bassinets typically feature a mattress, and many even have wheels so they can be easily moved about the room. Travel bassinets are also becoming increasingly popular, and allow for convenient travel with your infant.

As your baby ages, it will become time to trade in the bassinet for a crib. Cribs are larger, more permanent pieces of furniture that your baby can sleep in through his or her toddler years until he or she is ready for a more traditional bed. Cribs feature railed sides that can be lowered for easier access. Once raised and locked in place, you can be certain that your baby is safe and will not be able to climb out.

Another piece of furniture critical to a baby’s nursery is the changing table. A table with raised edges is popular to prevent babies from rolling off while being changed. Changing tables range from simple varieties with little adornment, to ornate tables with intricately carved designs. Especially in nurseries where space saving is desired, a changing table with lots of storage is a great organizational option. Be sure to select one with many cupboards for diapers, baby wipes, cotton swabs, baby powder, and other necessities.

Another piece of furniture commonly found in nurseries is a rocking chair. A rocking chair can be a great addition to provide quality time with your baby. Whether you are relaxing with a story or rocking your infant back to sleep, rocking chairs can provide precious memories which you will treasure forever.

A dresser is also a key piece of furniture for any nursery. Parents often find that their babies end up with more clothes than they do thanks to generous gifts from family and friends. Finding the right dresser to match your baby’s crib and changing table will complete the look of the room and provide much needed storage.

If space permits, a book shelf is a nice addition to a nursery as well. A book shelf provides a place to store away your child’s treasures and allows easy access to your baby’s favorite stories. A book shelf can grow with your baby as he or she begins to grow his or her own library and will not need to be replaced as your child ages.

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