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Q: What’s an important safety factor to look for in a baby crib?
You should make sure the slats or bars of the crib are properly spaced. As a general reference, they shouldn’t be any wider than a soda can.

Q: Are baby cribs and bedding made differently than other furniture.
Yes. You should check your potential baby product purchase to make sure it was built to meet minimum government safety requirements.

Q: Are there any type of cribs other than those traditional four-walled rectangular ones?
There sure are. You can find many types of baby cribs, including portable and round designs.

Q: What fabrics are safe for my child?
You can buy in confidence knowing that all standard baby bedding fabrics are safe for your child. But you may wish to check often with your child for any possible allergies when using a new fabric with them.

Q: What is a convertible baby crib?
A convertible baby crib extends to the length of either a toddler bed or sometimes a full-size bed. They tend to cost a little more, but save you from having to buy a second bed when you’re child grows out of their crib.


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